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Our Family


Our family members, Behr, Kensington, Koffee & Missy

Hi there! We are the Hall and DeLucas families from Evinston, Florida which is located in N. Central Florida, right outside of Gainesville. We are a family of 6 and a family of 5, but have a lot of relatives and friends living right here in Evinston around us.

 We live on an active Cattle Ranch, Richardson Brothers Inc., dating back to the late 1800's and live in a cherished family homes built in 1890 & 1908. Here on The Ranch, we take great pride in everything we do.  

Our Puppies:

We have teamed up with a wonderful families who have asked or needed our help to raise and find amazing homes for these pups.

Our family commitment to them is to help raise their beautiful pups in our home and on our Ranch and to find amazing homes for each one of them. 

In addition, we are now breeding and raising our own Goldendoodle puppies right here on the farm!

It was been a true blessing to part of this small venture and to see all the wonderful homes we have found for our pups!

Site Owners: Alison Hall 352.256.5732

               Callen DeLucas 352.665.6010

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